Rent collection

Tenants can pay online (ACH or credit/debit card), at our office, or by mail (check).  We allow all kinds of payments to ensure we collect money from our tenants in a timely basis.

We provide seamless management over rent collection, deposit, and accounting for rent receipts.  With GG Property Services, tenants have the ability to pay online, at our office, or by mail.  We are able to offer online payments to help expedite collections.  Our collection processes are strict, but we are extremely diligent in collecting rent through a systematic and timely process.  Every tenant receives a monthly tenant statement showing his/her balance and the details of the total amount due.  We closely monitor payments and work to ensure that money is deposited timely and owners are effectively receiving their remittances every month.

We are always available to tenants for any billing inquiries as they occur and are quick to follow up with phone calls, property visitation, and other escalation steps to maximize collection and retention.